% of people working more than 49 hours per week

As an estate agent in Frome, we are dedicated to understanding the unique aspects of our local community.

Using data from the Office for National Statistics and the 2021 Census, this heat map illustrates the percentage of working residents in different areas of Frome who work more than 49 hours per week.

This map reveals diverse working patterns across our town, highlighting how working hours can vary significantly between neighbourhoods. Some areas have higher percentages of residents working long hours, while others have fewer.

This information can provide valuable insights into the lifestyle and work-life balance of our local population.

We are keen to explore what drives these differences in working hours. Are certain industries or job roles more prevalent in specific areas? How does this impact our community in Frome?

We hope this map sparks thoughtful discussion and a deeper understanding of our town's working habits.

Your thoughts and observations on this topic are most welcome!