How Does the General Election Affect Frome House Prices?

The recent announcement by the British Prime Minister regarding the next general election set to take place in early July 2024 has inevitably stirred discussions about its potential impact on the Frome property market. Historically, general elections are periods of heightened uncertainty, often leading to speculation about their effects on house prices and transaction levels. However, examining past trends reveals a relatively stable market, with only minor fluctuations in transaction volumes.


Is it a Frome Buyers’ or Sellers’ Property Market?

Navigating the property market in Frome? Understanding the current market dynamics is essential whether you're looking to buy a dream home or sell a cherished property. Recent data reveals a fascinating surge in property transactions across the UK, with Frome included in all this bustling activity.

As of April 2024, property sales and listings have increased significantly, indicating a robust market. Yet, what does this mean for you? Is Frome a buyers’ market, favouring those looking to purchase, or a sellers’ market, giving an edge to those wishing to sell?

This article delves into the latest figures and trends, offering crucial insights and strategic advice for prospective buyers and sellers in Frome. Read on to discover the opportunities in this dynamic property landscape and how you can best navigate it to your advantage.

Discovering Frome: Central Heating and Its Impact on Property Decisions

In Frome, a town renowned for its historical roots and vibrant community, a surprising discovery has been made regarding the state of modern living amenities, particularly central heating. 

An insightful heat map, using data from the Office for National Statistics and the Census, it reveals the percentage of homes across various parts of Frome that lack central heating systems.

New Lettings Director

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Joshua Baines-Buffery as our new Lettings Director, cementing our ambition to disrupt the market and show that excellence in service should be expected.  With an exceptional track record in the industry and a proven ability to drive success, Joshua's appointment further solidifies the intention to grow our already successful business.

Do Bedrooms Affect The Saleability of Your Home?

As an estate agent in Frome, analysing the trends and patterns of the property market is crucial for providing valuable insights to homeowners, home buyers, and landlords. The recent data presented in the graphic illustrates a fascinating trend: the number of bedrooms in a home significantly impacts its saleability.

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